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The Chino Bonsai Club was formed to bring together friends and enthusiasts interested in coming together to share ideas and collaborate on the art of bonsai. It was founded by well known bonsai artist David Nguy on the belief that bonsai is an art that can be enjoyed by all enthusiasts of all levels, from skilled designers to beginners.

The club hosts regular workshops conducted by founder David Nguy as well as other bonsai masters. During these workshops, members can learn new techniques and have the opportunity to ask questions about how to implement new design concepts into their own trees. Members are also welcome to bring their own trees for use during demonstrations. The workshops and demonstrations provide a great opportunity to advance your bonsai skills and receive constructive feedback.

The Chino Bonsai Club hosts an Annual show showcasing member trees. This event is open to the public for all to enjoy. The event is a great time to learn more about the Bonsai as well as differing views on design and styling by different artists. Chino Bonsai Club is proud to be a member of the Golden State Bonsai Federation. The Golden State Bonsai Federation brings together bonsai enthusiasts from throughout the United States.

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